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    Hello everyone,

    via this thread I am asking everyone to please post a review on PureControl below in the comments, as detailed as you like.

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    Aimbot : 11/10
    It looks super legit and pSilent working with normal aimbot. Cool
    Triggerbot : 9/10
    Triggerbot support pSilent! But there is no delay option for trigger
    Esp : 8/10
    Great. But It is inconvenient not to have 2d box
    Cuz 3d box makes me confused little bit
    It would be great if there are various esp.
    Misc : 10/10
    Everything perfect.. skinchanger,knife bot,bhop etc
    Oh except console! It is great but not working atm.

    Overall : 9.5/10
    Best cheat, no doubt.

    My english : 5/10
    I can't speak english fluently
    Fuck me

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    I also love the crouch hitbox option as well so not all shots are headshots!!! would love hitscan though
    Also love the psilent trigger i dunk on kids with my juan deags all day xD
    Its pretty good but is there a way to make wireframe esp/wallhack toggle-able with the key also?
    Misc: 9/10
    Lots of options very descriptive also! Skinchanger is a dream bhop is great also

    Overall 9/10
    Very very good cheat!
    Im having so much fun using it
    not 10/10 because in my eyes nothing can be 10/10.

    Well done team !
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    Aimbot: 9.5/10
    This is the best hack so far i had in my hands. You can choose between 2 aimbots or use them both at the same time. The Psilent works like a charm and there is no way that anybody can say that you have it on or not.

    Triggerbot: 9/10
    Works like it should, response time is pretty good and flickshots hit to 90%.

    ESP: -/10
    I dont use it at all.

    Misc: 10/10
    I love that you can turn the minimap to a radar for enemies. its just perfect as you dont need a separate radar that will take space on the screen

    Communication/Forum: 10/10
    I like this due to small community you get answers very fast. People help each other and everything is peacefull.

    Overall: 9.1337/10
    Good hack, good community, nice Seller..

    Thanks to be a part of this. Happy hacking!!

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    Hey! Been using this cheat for a couple days and here's how I see all the features...

    Aimbot : 9/10

    Superb aimbot w/ great RCS. Not the BEST aimbot I have ever seen but it definitely takes the 2nd spot. In collaboration with pSilent its 100% the best one.

    Triggerbot : 10/10

    By far the best one I have seen. Along with the Silent trigger, u r essentially godlike.

    Autopistol : 10/10

    lol I mean it works. Nothing much to say.

    Bunnyhop : 10/10

    Same as autopistol. Works well.

    ESP : 9/10

    One of the most customizable ESPs I have ever seen. However I wish they had vischeck visibility (ESP disappears if vischeck returns false).

    Hitmarker : N/A

    Never used.

    Knifebot / noflash / ingame radar / and other misc features : 9/10*

    In the misc department the hack has quite a few tools that I really appreciate and I can see being helpful. *Note however I havn't used/tested everything in misc* I used the knifebot, which works quite well. Its essentially a trigger for the knife that automatically detects attackable radius and decides between a light or strong blow. Now I may be wrong, maybe I configured it wrong or don't know enough about the feature, but I do believe the AutoAccept feature (Automatically accepts matchmaking) is broken.

    pSilent : 10/10

    Works as advertised, and works well. OP af. pSilent2Stronk.

    Skin Changer : 9/10

    Works as advertised, and works well. They are missing the bowie knife, but I am sure they can add it in the future. Plus I never really liked the Bowie anyways. :P

    Support / Community: 10/10

    The support for this hack is spot on. Even though Steven and Cipa may live in awkward time zones and remain very busy with other affairs they still ensure everyone is satisified and will do anything to help you. Definitely in my top 3 hacks with the best product support.

    As for the community, its one of the most toxic lol jkjk. The community is small, but everyone here is very friendly.

    AntiCheat : N/A

    I mean I haven't been around long enough to know the safety of this hack. But I am pretty certain that a closed community with <20 ppl is very secure in it self. Not only that, but considering the team's previous work and experience I am sure they have it covered; they only have the best intentions for the hack.

    Overall : 97/100

    Is it perfect? No. Is it worth the money? 100% yes. Is it one of the best hacks I have used? YES. I would say it definitely makes the top 2 or 3, and it certainly has the potential to make it to #1. If I were to highlight the pinnacle of the hack it would be the silent trigger/aim and the amount of customization you have over it. It has just a few quarks. Not to mention this hack is meant to be focused on features so it can use a few more features but its fine.
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    Thanks for your reviews, always appreciated.

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    Overall cheat is very good.
    Aimbot is strong,
    trigger is strong.
    I personally don't use ESP.
    Misc is ok, but just a bunch of random features except for the angles.

    Skin changer is good, but I wish it was more customizable. I wanna remove the stattrak, and stuff.

    As for anti-cheat: I can't say for sure since it was only MADE for Matchmaking. But hopefully nobody leaks or cracks this cheat. I plan on keeping this cheat and telling my friends about it when I play MM.

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    My review after a week.

    Aimbot 9/10

    - Normal & pSilent available
    - Weapon Configs (custom aimbinds for both pSilent and Normal)
    - Customization can be simple, but complex if the user wants it

    Triggerbot 9/10

    - pSilent available
    - Custom Hitboxes
    - Weapon Configs

    ESP 10/10

    - Visible Only feature available
    - Chams, XQZ features available
    - 3D Dynamic ESP Boxes that actually are Dynamic

    Configuration 7/10

    - No Menu
    - Could be handful for people that are new to cheating

    I don't use Skin Changer so I won't comment on it.

    It is my go to cheat at the moment, and once you setup a proper configuration that matches your playstyle, granted you will always come out on top. I've won about 30 games in a row so far and am staying at Global Elite.

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    Aimbot 9/10
    Really strong and one of the best I have ever used.

    Triggerbot 10/10
    Rarely misses.

    ESP 9/10
    very clean and accurate but not a lot of options.

    Configuration 7/10
    Not that much configuration but I like that because of its simple.

    Features 8/10
    Not a lot of features that you can't find anywhere else except backtrack which is INSANELY AWSOME and I have never even heard of before this cheat

    Community 10/10
    Very nice customers and admins.

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