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    Source Mod Anti-Cheat.

    Hey guys,
    I was curious about Pure Control working with SMAC.
    I've been looking through the plug-in and it's modules and it seems (by the descriptions they offer, and my understanding of most server side anti-cheats) that as long as I only use certain features and settings then it should go undetected. Is there any truth to this? Has anyone tested it on SMAC enabled servers?

    Aimbot Module.
    "This module monitors players and clients on the server for any suspicious camera angles and snaps on the players camera."

    Eye Angle Test.
    "This lightweight module checks if a player's eye angles (field of view) has been altered past the point of a normal player. It also checks if a player has been tampering with movement commands before they're sent to the server."

    "Detects cheats that automatically press buttons for players."


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    I haven't tested it, no. But things like silent aimbot on moderate settings and smooth aimbot should never be detected on such an anticheat.

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    Thank you for clarifying.
    I'll play around on a couple of servers, and if I get a ban I'll post the settings I was using, so if anyone else wants to continue testing they have somewhere to continue from.

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    I full on Rage cheat on those SMAC 1v1 servers. Without Anti Aim of course, but like 180 FoV with 0 Smoothing, or 180 FoV PSilent xD So I am sure you wont have to worry about cheating with Pure Control on them.

    Keep in mind, it could just be the server(s) I was in. However, I have never been banned by the SMAC anti Cheat on any of the servers I have went on.

    Hope this helps.

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